Growth which India has seen is just tip of the ice berg. The potential of magic figure of 135 crores is not fully tapped yet. Just imagine the level of consumption that India has to go through in order to develop. You take any product, from a safety pin to bulldozer, everything will be sold out because of this magic figure.

Who will benefit the most from the development of India ? It’s the business class, without any doubt. So ultimately real winners from India’s growth story are one’s who run the businesses. Stock market can be used as a platform to participate in the businesses equally at par with promoters and founders. Buying the stocks of these growing businesses, anyone can create wealth in the long run.

So what’s stopping you ? Is it because of lack of knowledge or lack of money ?

In fact, 99% of wealthy investors, were neither born rich nor they had lakhs and crores of rupees. Most of them worked and invested their own money in the market.